Simple strategies to get a better click-through rate on your ads.

March 6, 2020

id you know when the first banner adverts were realised in the late 1990’s the click-through rate (CTR) was 78%? Guess what it is today… less than 1%!

Putting in time, money and effort into broadcasting your adverts, only to have one or two users click on them leaves a sour taste on the tongue.

But don’t fret! There is a solution, in fact, there are many, read on to discover our 5 top tips for overcoming banner blindness…

Up-close and personal

Many reports done in the last year or so have suggested that personalisation is the key to overcome ad fatigue. With the continual growth of big data, we are able to target audiences on a scale far more than ever before.

This can include a fast-food company displaying the nearest location during lunch hours or a liquor store advertising to customers of cocktail recipes specifically for an upcoming national holiday. Making sure your banner is positioned with content that is relevant also increases targeting!

With the advancement in technology the possibility to provide data feeds that link directly to your product inventory or a feed that displays live market data, an ad can be tailored in real-time to display different messaging or creative depending on the user!

Personalisation comes in many forms, with new tools and techniques undoubtedly on the horizon. It gives us the opportunity to provide consumers with hyper-relevant advertising as well as driver higher engagement.

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On the move

It is important to note that mobile banner ads have a greater CTR than their desktop counterparts. With the ever-growing population of mobile internet users it is important to think mobile-first when it comes to advertising. Mobile ad spend is predicted to account for an astonishing 86% of all digital ad spend by 2023.

Mobile browsers are just as proficient as desktops with some more advanced features that should be embraced. There are many different techniques to make a mobile ad just as effective as its peers, so really there is no excuse for boring, static and ugly mobile ads.

Rich media

Video is in! Ads that use in-banner video have an increased CTR of 18.4% compared to those that don’t.

Adding other rich media elements like animation or interactivity are simple ways to get the viewer's attention. Plus, you don’t have to hire a design or development guru to do it. With a creative management platform (CMP), any designer can simply drag and drop the video element into a banner in a matter of minutes.


Another great idea and a trend that is having increasing success is using more subtle banner ads that look like part of the website, instead of a flashy image. Although the banner ad is still an image, it feels more personal and informative by blending into the page’s content by being factual and relevant.

Fooling the users into believing that it's not an ad? Brilliant! Ad fatigue who?

Monitor and adapt

lastly, monitoring and optimising your ads are the key to ensuring success. You can create the most catchy, enticing banner in the world but in the end, it might be an ugly banner with a powerful call-to-action that gets your audience's attention. Learning exactly what works and what doesn’t is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Using tools such as heatmaps and CMPs is great to see which areas in your banners attract the eye, to test specific design elements, calls-to-action, placements and offers, to find the ideal combination.


So there you have it, 5 simple ways to improve your CTR and banish ad fatigue. If all else fails, just keep swimming! Even if your CTR doesn’t improve, brand awareness is much more important. So keep putting your ads out there and remember to be confident and creative.

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