Xenith Wealth is a UK based, bookkeeping & accounting firm led & managed by expert chartered accounts. Xenith provides dedicated & unparalleled services to small & medium size business across the UK and South Africa. Xenith does this primarily through one-on-one personal coaching, monthly bookkeeping services and tailor made reporting. The main ask (for the site) was to represent Xenith as an established and approachable enterprise. As much as the established & modern feel was important, approachability was a massive factor as well. The site had to be intuitive. The thinking behind Neslo’s colour decisions were: blue, chosen to represent honesty & security, appropriately reflecting Xenith’s commitment to forging an enduring relationship with all of their clients. And brown, symbolic of, completeness, stability, warmth/security & nobleness. Which fittingly promotes Xenith’s core philosophy of conscientiously improving standards and achieving total transparency & moral obligations. Ultimately - through the subtle usage of the primary blue and peach - a modern, playful and inviting UI was achieved.


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